Our Story

Renato(left) his, mother and his brother Toni making bread in the family bakery oven

It all started in Scilla, Italy in the 1940s...

Renato Longordo, Sr. (picture left) was born in Scilla Italy, a small town across from Sicily on the Strait of Messina. He was born into a family of bakers and excellent cooks. From an early age he was working in the family bakery. It was here that he developed his skills for  preparing, appreciating, and enjoying good food. 


...and continued in Compton , CA, 1964

After many hardships in famine stricken Southern Italy, Renato emigrated to the USA in 1959. In 1964 he opened his first business, "Paisano Pizza" , first in Compton, later in Huntington Beach.


...and in Westminster, CA in 1982

In 1982, he opened "Renato's Pizza" in Westminster, CA.  at the corner of Brookhurst and McFadden, where it is still today.  A few years later, the new dining room was added and it then became " Renato's Restaurant". 


Donato and Renato Sr.

Renato Sr.(right) was joined by his long time friend and chef Donato di Florio (left).


...and Renato, jr.

and then came Renato, jr, growing up surrounded by good food and a big Italian family whose life evolves around just one thing: MANGIARE!! From early on, Renato jr. was "involved" in the family business and since high school it became his full time passion.


Renato jr. today

Here he is: All grown up now, he took over the helm and is now your host and chef.  


Executive Chef, Donato di Florio

Born and raised in the Italian Province of Abruzzo, he earned his degree as executive chef at the famous "Scuola Alberghiera" in Roccaraso, Italy. 


Our Team